The Sophia

The Sophia door will transform the look of any property. With 10 different colours to choose from, and the choice of clear, etched or decorative glass available, you can customise our Sophia door to suit all personalities. This stunning door follows a more classic layout compared to our other doors. The two elongated glass panels allow floods of natural light into the home – perfect for opening up your living space. Our Sophia door creates versatility and will add aesthetic appeal to a range of property types, old and new. The Sophia has been thoughtfully designed to mirror the unique character of timber doors, but what makes our Sophia stand out from the standard timber, is the security benefits – This door can help to deter burglars and secure your property against forced entry.

How? The Sophia door is internally beaded, which means the glazing units cannot be removed from the outside. Even better, all panels can have 9mm reinforced panels which is twice the thickness of a standard panel. If this isn’t enough, this beautiful door is also extremely low maintenance, making life easier for you and your family.

Available Colours